Sentiment Analysis

Analyze real-time data to stream and interpret the emotion inside opinions. Find out what people talk about you and seize the chance to be more steps forward. Take advantage of our intelligent and easily customizable analysis service to help you keep track of your business.

Document Management System

Provide you a simple way to organize your documents. Increase your business productivity with our systemized application. Find your files, share your documents, and secure your legal contracts using our integrated technology. Get your jobs done in a more innovative way.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Support your business management to work more effectively. Be updated and enhance the better connection throughout your company with an ease to access database, the status of business orders, workflow, and shared data across various departments in one system.

About Atmatech

We are a software development company passionate in conducting research on technology
and developing advanced software especially in relation with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
and big data analysis. Experience our prominent, intelligent, and innovative products
serving you better way to increase your business productivity

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